Last Wave is Alive

It seems our little social experiment is well underway. People and cameras are abounding, and, we get to work with the great James Suter again. We haven't really shot with him since Act III, Scene 1. was in production. Now, a year later after all that controlled and maddening cinema, with that film almost through its post phase and ready to show, we get to shoot something with no control: totally organic with mainly practical lights, no script, and just mood and intuition. I think we're nearing a place were we'll know how to employ both, control and the real-time organic, to articulate, to breathe stories and poems - to be "pillars of air." 

Then on Sunday, I'm on a shoot with The San Francisco Film Society. Back to set hierarchy and professional know-how. I think Justin and I are growing. The director/d.p. dynamic is becoming more fluid, more unsaid. We will reach a world of balance, where intuition meets production, hard work, and intelligence. WE just need to fail and succeed with grace, patience, opened hearts-n-eyes.


- Kindrid Parker