Another Zombie Dream

I just awoke from another Zombie Death Dream. This time a child version of me was on the run through a zombie-infested San Francisco with child versions of people I care about: wife, cinematographer, and some cute little child actor type (I think my sleeping brain wrote her in for comic relief) who was handy with one-liners and blessed with rouged chubby cheeks. I think we were all approximately nine-years-old-ish.

I drove a high speed, commandeered taxi cab trough numerous zombie roadblocks. I could barely reach the pedals, but I drove like a muthersucker. Sometimes, zombies managed to smash windows, reach in and grab us; general grabby-moany zombie terrorizing.

Eventually, one by one, we were all bitten; tragic discoveries of teeth-marked ankles and necks. I awoke to a scenario: we were eating one another alive, biting into each other's heads and whatnot. Total Death Orgy Feast. My sleeping brain sold it to me as a happy ending: detailed cannibal close-ups (lots of giggling) and then a crane pullout of the whole scene with happy music.