Music Video Review: Tearist performs live on KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles

It affords much credible attention. My gaze was fixed, eardrums humming like heavy engines. It's clear that something is going on here. Milquetoast punk? It aces aggression yet the force is not applied. Any kind of punk (even synth punk) sustains and proves itself when a crowd watches and listens. As far as musical style is concerned here, it harkens to Adult., Ladytron, Richard James, Crystal Castles, and Siouxsie, and these two keep to form. I like the girl, her bends and twists rage and imply a leash on passion. She can fight. She would go down fighting. She would bury you in a pit from which only your head shows. Then she would take off her tights and plant her pussy upon your face and cry. She would laugh, too, but between sobs. She would tell you about a childhood day when she crushed a baby bird with a hammer. She would say it looked just like you.

By Green La Fleur