Many things are happening. I've no urge to summarize. Suffice it to say: there are passions and forces at play. And as always: the Pentecost is inevitable. 

Been editing for a week. And by "a week" I mean that excactly. Seven days' wide-eyed craftsmanship. I am making a piece of sturdy propaganda. Shhh.

So, there's no space in lobes-n-heart to talk about how I'm leaving for a week to go to Molly's in Inverness to finalize the script for The Possessed. No room to give even an approximate account of the imagination, genius, and kindness behind the Wiggly Tendrils and how I'm going to make a short film out of one of their albums: The Life, Death, and Persistence of Captain Charles Fort. Much to come regarding the Wigglies, but for now, just know this album has been a solace and a stimulous for me. I consider its concern with invention and open invitation:

The Wiggly Tendrils - Charles Fort

- Kindrid Parker