Of Destruction and Mise-en-scène

Location scouted an undisclosed location yesterday for a video we're making for a metal band. Hail Satan! That's the premise: a satanic ritual. They're going to drain a pretty girl's blood and drink it within the lovely environs below. I'm assistant directing, keeping the trains running on time... in teenage hell. I love my job.

I'll have to find a reason to use this location for something else. I've always wanted to shoot children in the ecstasy of group vandalism; slo-motion and joyous, the sound of shattering glass blending rhythmically-arhythmically with a Chopin Nocturne. Or maybe something contrapuntal. A rich housewife goes to these abandoned buildings to get alone and practice her water color painting. There is an unsaid eroticism she enjoys: the seedy danger of it all. Maybe she meets a runaway boy and sublimates that eroticism into mothering for him. Anyway, it's a great space with lots of potential.