Apogee Sound Club at the Hemlock

On Sunday, 2/17/2013, me and Green went to the Hemlock to catch Apogee Sound Club. 

Before I go on, read their manifesto. Yes, they have a manifesto: unpretentious and sincere - rock-n-roll. In it they hand over the term "punk" to the dilettantes, opting instead for "Underground Sonic Energy." 

Underground Sonic Energy is an accurate description of what happens when Apogee Sound Club are on stage. I'd never dare to pigeon hole them by comparison but witnessing their guitar-base-and-drums three-piece tightness; with its smart geomotries, steely crisp riffs, relentlessly muscular bass lines, and shouted-out truth lyrics one can't help but think a little of the Minute Men.

Having drawn that simple and singular comparison I must say though that the Underground Sonic Energy they proport is very much their own. They are, as educated proponents of the underground, of course informed by the traditions and progenitors of its past, but the voice that is Apogee Sound Club is a unique and singular force to be recokoned with.

After their set Green and I got a chance to talk with guitarist/vocalist Wade Driver. Loose and enilghtened by drink and whatnot we rattled off core comparisons like "Wire and a touch of Big Black," explaining that its feeling brought us back to the early 90s. Driver, very cool and friendly, acklowledged (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Yeah, there's some of that in there," but then added, "but for me though growing up that was all just punk. Now they have all these names like indie and whatever...like if you play it with a little feedback they call it 'No Wave.' For me that's just how I played punk." 

I wasn't planning on shooting anything that night but once they started playing I couldn't resist at least grabbing some of the performance with my camera phone. Because words fail to convey, check out the Underground Sonic Energy that is Apogee Sound Club below. Go and see their shows! And grab a copy of their lyrics off the merch table if, as Driver put it sweat-soaked between songs, "...if you care about what we're talking about up here." Wade, my man, we do care about what your talking about up there, and we want and need more.