Just an old demo video I made long ago with someone transient while I was transient.

Just digging through my digital closets and I came upon this old quick demo piece I made for then Sarah Krebs; now Sarah Malige, and for a spell; Vera Gogh, a few years back. After this humble video I made for Hometown, I saw that she was in Paris in a band called Slove...holy shit, their video couldn't be farther from mine in style or tone. Mine was hardly "a video." It was just a document, but after falling in love with this sincere little document we'd made, I was like holy shit when I saw the Slove video. And here's Hometown

Anyway, back in...'06, I believe, she still lived here in SF, and she stayed at house on Delores. I was buddy's with her bandmate Aslan Rife, now of Honey Moon Tree. The how and the why hardly matter. I probably have people's chronology wrong. I just know Aslan was hanging out with Matt from the Blank Tapes and was in a couple of bands or whatever and his friend Sarah blew me the fuck away and I wanted to film her. It's just one of those SF things where...what? I was making my film Attachment Disorder, a contemplation of purgatory that made me make up the word "daymare," which I still like to use from time to time, and I wanted to record every note on their house piano separately, a long and resonant note for each key: 55 recordings for 55 keys to be "played" in the edit. Sarah helped me with these recordings and then I filmed her and her bandmates do a stoney, perhaps too long version, of their song Hometown.

Sure, it's subjective, but this is my favorite version of the song. The video's not great. It's just me on sticks with cluttered, not thought out enough mise-en-scene. Jesus, now I'd have kissed the background with a little light for crissakes! And! It's a mono recording, right into camera. I probably had an omni mic just propped on a book or something. 

Stil though, the sincerity of this performance... It means a lot to me. Anyway, if you stumble upon this, now or later, maybe you'll find the space among thy cluttered head, to give yourself over to Sarah's eyes, breaking down the 4th wall with that confrontational eyeline or to her voice, of course, that let's you know she's "...been to your hometown..." and you can't believe what she's found. The conceit of this song stays with me. I'm a longtime SF transplant by way of South Carolina and Sarah, from Mississipi, if I remember. What the song gets at, for me anyway, is the smalltown kid in all of us who goes to the Cool Town to reinvent themselves, but no matter what, someday somebody's gonna take a look into your towny heart and say let you know what's there. Are we frauds? Are we noble reinventions? I mean, this is clearly just one aspect of the song that I'm projecting myself onto, but no matter: I just know I'll always remember the lovely Sarah Krebs, in that stage of ever-changing reinvention, staring into my lens, into me; an ever-changing reinvention myself, and me giving myself over to her gaze and her song. Tell me what you've found, Sarah. Anyway, I hope Sarah doesn't mind me waxing existential over this old thing. She's a badass lady with nothing my deepest respect, and I hope more and more people will be fortunate enough to come in contact with the beautiful songs she writes and be stunned still by the command she has when performing them.