Annabelle Robertson Campaign Video

So I produced and directed a campaign video for a progressive candidate in Columbia, SC. It was interesting going back to the hometown, to take on its reactionary politics with a video. I'll say this. We learned a lot in the process and I should've kept a journal, but I intend to on the next one. Perhaps one day I'll write a thorough account of that experience, but for now, I'll just say, I'm proud of the work we did. Basil, Masha, and I worked ourselves to the kind of psychically raw and manic state hard-learned in the good ole days. The kind of formative 18 hour shoots with no sleep that tests a filmmaker. Some get hard-earned into something like a committed professional. Some easily fall to attrition. We did not fall. They used their own version, but here's the director's cut i just put up.