Act III, Scene 1 (2010)

Act III, Scene 1 is a modern reworking of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. It abstracts, contemporizes, and condenses elements of the play into a short film with its focus trained on Act III, Scene 1: the crucial exchange between Hamlet and Ophelia.


A young prince embarks on a path of vengeance, sacrificing an authentic "romantic love" for a lofty idealism, driving himself and his lover insane. 
Last Wave's revision uses the classical tale of Hamlet to contemplate domesticity, anthropology, power dynamics, gender roles, politics, etc.; and ultimately to tell its own story. 

Cast & Crew

Act III, Scene 1  was realized by Kindrid Parker, Green La Fleur, and Justin La Fleur; written for the Screen, produced, and directed by Kindrid Parker. 

The short film stars Liz Bort as Ophelia, Kindrid Parker as Hamlet, Green La Fleur as Laertes, and Joseph Beckman as the king's ghost. 



Act III, Scene 1  obtained the Best Director/Cinematography Award at the 10th City Shorts Film Festival.


Hamlet's axe