Kindrid Parker


Kindrid Parker is a writer, award-winning filmmaker, and a founding member of Last Wave Film.

Kindrid grew up in Columbia, South Carolina writing stories and experimenting with Super 8 film, video tape, and audio recording.
In 1992, he made his way to San Francisco and began his creative career publishing fiction and experimental prose through a number of literary journals, including 3AM and the surrealist cornerstone The Walrus. His voice as a writer and longtime experimentation with film naturally met, and in early 2007, Kindrid started Last Wave Film.

Last Wave Film is two things. It is first and foremost a cinematic sensibility: literary, visceral, hypnotic, and fitful; operating according to the rhythms and logic of the id. It is also a production company makes commercial content to pay the bills. Last Wave makes narrative films, documentaries, leftist political propaganda, and commercial work for companies like Adobe and Seimens. As a film educator, Kindrid evangelizes film production as a workingclass craft and fine art expression. In other words, Last Wave are proud artisans that make things for other people at the highest professional and creative standard, but are also artists, who make their own personal films with no consideration of the market.

Kindrid teaches film acting and production at Shelton Studios and Pictoclik in San Francisco, California.



  • To No Good End (2018) for Shelton Studios. In post-production.
  • Makeup (2015) for Chordeaux Studios.
  • A Christening (2011) for Shelton Studios.
  • Act III, Scene 1 (2010) Best Cinematography & winner of San Francisco City Shorts 2010.
  • Beuverie (2010)
  • Sugar Heart (2008)
  • You Have To Understand This Hurts Us Too (2008) Winner of Pacific Film Archive Experimental Film Festival
  • Attachment Disorder (2008)