Film Production Crew

Kindrid Parker, Film Director. Last Wave Film.

Kindrid Parker, Director

Kindrid is Last Wave Film's founder and Director. He grew up in South Carolina writing stories and experimenting with Super 8 film, video tape, and audio recording. Kindrid's films are literary, visceral, hypnotic, and fitful; operating according to the rhythms and logic of the id. When he is not writing or directing films, Kindrid teaches Film Production and Film Acting at the Shelton Studios in San Francisco.

Basil Glew-Galloway - Photography and Lighting

Basil Glew-Galloway, DP

Basil is Last Wave's Director of Photography. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2008 with a BA in French literature and French Film studies. He has been working in Film and Photography from Morocco, to Berlin, to the Bay Area. Classic lighting techniques inform Basil's varied and flexible approach to photography and videography.


Keith Dunn - Producer

Keith Dunn, Producer

Keith is an organizational mercenary, he produces short films and music videos in San Francisco as Capt. Heartsleeve Productions. Keith has collaborated with Last Wave Film on several projects since 2009. and is now working closely with Kindrid Parker on Last Wave's upcoming feature.


Maria (Masha) Karpoukhina

Maria Karpoukhina, AD

Masha is Last Wave's primary assistant director. She is our longest film collaborator heartbeat and our kick in the ass. She's a badass Russian director who makes her own cinema and documentary, and knows how to keep the trains running on time. Essentially Masha is Kindrid Parker's assistant director and he is hers. 




Anna Nolan 

Anna is Last Wave's primary editor and creative marketing director. She grew up attending schools nestled in strawberry fields and lemon orchards before moving up the coast to study media and geography in Berkeley. She's fascinated by commercial media, with a particular interest in its influence on identity construction for young girls and has been working closely on Last Wave's upcoming feature length. 


Conor Loughridge - Sound 

Conor Loughridge

In 2011, Conor moved from the East Coast to the Bay Area to focus entirely on music and sound design. When he is not working with Last Wave Film, Conor is the prolific songwriter/producer behind "The Wiggly Tendrils," and one half of the indie pop duo "Deirdre and Conor."


Green La Fleur - Writing & Photography

Aaron "Green" La Fleur

Green is a writer, photographer, and a co-founder of Last Wave.

Molly Brooks-Livingston - Art Direction

Molly Brooks Livingston

Molly is Last Wave's very talented production designer.

Richard Vallejos - Art Direction

Richard Vallejos

Richard has been collaborating with Last Wave Film as a production designer since 2009.

James Sutter - Camera

James Sutter

James has been collaborating with Last Wave since 2008, in the camera department. 


Nina Perlroth - Production Assistant

Nina Perlroth

Nina is Last Wave's key production assistant. 

Bobby Siordia - Special Effects

Bobby Siordia

Bobby is in charge of special effects. He creates very realistic blood effects and explosions.

Joshua Bewig - Camera

Joshua Bewig

Josh has been a bicycle mechanic in Osaka, a businessman in Buenos Aires, and an arborist in San Francisco. He has sculpted, written fiction, danced, and he now makes films. His work has screened at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, Theater7 in Las Vegas, and the Anthology Film Archive in NYC. His film Butterfly Caught won "Best Experimental Short" at the CineKink Erotic Film Festival. 


Cécile Parker - Design & Business Development

Cécile L. Parker

Cécile is Last Wave's visual designer and business development specialist. She has a double master in political science and business administration, and a calling for design and anything creative.