Politics & Business


Biographical Political Campaign Videos

We directed and shot this for Julia Salazar with Means of Production.

Matt Brown Campaign ad we directed and shot in solidarity with Means of Production

Annabelle Robertson Campaign Video we produced in director Kindrid Parker's hometown of Columbia, South Carlolina

Last Wave Film prides itself on being Leftist with a Democratic Socialist ideology. The best way we can contribute as film artists is to make beautiful videos articulating the messages of candidates we believe in. As filmmakers we came up as the medium of filmmaking was being democratized. We do it ourselves rather than rely on established industry support. Politics has gone the same way. If you're doing grassroots politics to elect candidates that represent people without corporate money or influence we want to work with you. With whatever resources available, we will help you get your message out. 


We produce engaging, high-quality videos for a wide range of online video projects. We've been making online video content since its inception: explainer videos, product demos, tech videos of all ilk, short non-profit PSAs and documentary projects. We are the independent filmmakers who've created and defined the genrhis man e. We do this!

PSA for Democratic Socialists of America, San Francisco

Promotional Piece for the Exit Theatre

Edited by Kindrid Parker for Adobe


This man hired us to make a video for his pacifists campaign

Edited for Adobe by Kindrid Parker

Culture Spot for SF & In Flux Alley