Our upcoming feature film To No Good End is about a lot of things: the nature of expression, making radical art in a gentrified San Francisco, love and collaboration, and phantasmagoric visions of murdering your family. Enjoy!

This is the pilot episode of Cheaper Than Therapy we made for and with creator/comedian Jon Allen.

Act III, Scene 1 is a modern reworking of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. It abstracts, contemporizes, and condenses elements of the play into a short film with its focus trained on Act III, Scene 1: the crucial exchange between Hamlet and Ophelia.

A young woman picks at a malformed scab until it bleeds and heals again. 

I interviewed this girl once. I had my reasons. She explained to me how it was she turned into a donut. She had her reasons.

A quick short I did with with some actors from Shelton Studios and my writing partner, Green La Fleur, so we could get green on the screen. 

Attachment Disorder is a short surrealistic opus about a troubled man who wakes to find himself handcuffed and lost in a purgatory constructed of his own unresolved psychic detritus.

You Have To Understand This Hurts Us Too began as an installation in the Space Gallery to accompany two collage artists work and evolved into an intervalometer study of a collage artist in process. It's also on program for the 2009 California Pacific Film Archive Experimental Film Festival. Enjoy!

Directed and shot on Super 8 by J La Fleur. Sound written and performed by Kindrid Parker.